Is It Time To Sell Your Building or Expand Your Real Estate Portfolio?

Commercial real estate values continued their upward tick in June. According to lead economist, Dr. Peter Muoio of Ten-X, prices rose by almost 0.3% last month. This marked the fifth consecutive monthly increase. He attributes last month’s increase to the modest decline in long-term interest rates as the 10-year treasury yield dipped below 3%.  Despite the gains, Dr. Muoio notes that prices are 0.2% lower than a year ago.

“Many investors continue to wonder if the cycle is near its peak and whether interest rates at this level or higher will impact pricing negatively. While the risk of a trade war still looms, overall pricing has trended upward in each month since February. As each segment has its own legitimate risks – including trade, supply and e-commerce – it’s encouraging to see the continued uptick, demonstrating that investor sentiment in real estate remains quite strong.” Office prices saw the biggest jump of any sector at 1.2%, while retail and industrial prices continued to move in the opposite direction. Peter Muoio, Ph.D., EVP and Chief Economist Ten-X Research

Capital Gains Taxes

Thinking of selling your capital asset but you really don’t want to deal with the headaches of a 1031 Exchange? Already in a 1031 and things are not going well? Can’t find a replacement property…Seller not negotiating with you…Feeling like you’re settling just so you don’t have to pay taxes…Is there a way to save your 1031 without having to purchase a replacement property?

How would you like to sell now at the top of the market, receive deferred tax dollars, and reinvest when the market adjusts…on your time and terms…not the 45/180 day deadlines? Most analysts predict a market correction in the very near future. If you feel the same, why not cash out now and take advantage?

We know how most investors would answer these questions. However, they’re just not aware of any better options…until now.

Let me introduce you to the IRS strategy that has been around since the inception of the tax code, but very few are aware of. This unique approach

allows you to defer the capital gains taxes on the sale of a capital asset for 30 years while receiving a lump sum at closing equal to approximately 95% of the sales proceeds. Very powerful, without the headaches of trying to locate a replacement property under 1031 restrictions. And most importantly, you’ll have cash in hand to invest when and where you’d like – putting you back in control.

When you buy a replacement property under a 1031 exchange, most sellers of that replacement property understand that they don’t have to reduce price or cooperate with any of your requests since you have very limited negotiating power. They know that you must buy…or pay taxes. Call us, email, or visit www.DeferCapitalGainsTaxes.com for further info.


We’ll Buy From You… Or Sell For You

MPiCRE is a solution-based licensed California Real Estate Broker and Investment firm. We purchase properties for cash if they meet our portfolio criteria.

If your property is not a match to our desired specifications, we’ll introduce your asset to our national and international database of active cash investors seeking to invest in Southern California – creating a bidding environment to assure you the maximum market price. Recent reports show an influx of foreign investors buying in Southern California. Demand remains at an all-time high. It may be the perfect time for you to sell and take advantage of the overheated market!

I’d be glad to go into further details on how we can help you successfully sell your property.  And more importantly, how you may be able to take advantage of the IRS program that allows you to sell today, receive a lump sum, and defer the capital gains taxes for 30 years.

Attractive Loan Programs

If you’re not ready to sell and want to hang onto your property at this time…we have special lending programs that may allow you to take cash out or restructure your existing mortgage to a lower rate. Great purchase loans are also available.

Recently Added Non-Recourse Financing

We are pleased to announce the addition of our latest very attractive lending programs to our growing list of capital asset financing options. Our loans specialist is now authorized to work directly with:

Fannie Mae Delegated Underwriting and Servicing (DSU) Multi-family Loans

Fannie Mae Small Loan Programs

Freddie Mac Loans

Tremendous Benefits:

  • Non-Recourse Financing
  • Flexible Pre-Payment Options
  • Market-Leading, Low-Interest Rates
  • DSCRs as Low as 1.20 on Some Executions
  • 30 Due in 12 or 10 years case-by-case scenario
  • Interest-Only Options Available on Some Programs
  • Standard DUS Loans ($5 Million +) throughout the US
  • Small Loan Program ($1 to $5 Million) throughout the US
  • Refinance or Acquisitions Plus Fixed or Adjustable-Rate Loans
  • LTVs as High as 80% on Some Executions; 85% for some Green Programs


The best terms in multifamily financing are built with FHA loans…including low-interest rates and 40-year amortization.

Asset Classes Include:

  • Green Energy Retrofitting
  • New Ground-up Construction
  • Moderate-to-Substantial Rehabs
  • Market-Rate & Affordable Housing
  • Seniors Housing, Including Independent and Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Minimum loan amount $1,000,000.00. All applicants may not qualify

 Seeking Equity Partners

We continually seek equity partners to join us in purchasing off-market properties and fund development opportunities. If you’re a cash investor and interested in expanding your portfolio, I’d welcome a conversation. Please email me directly or call my office: Pete@MPiCRE.com, office 800.420.3182 to discuss.

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